Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Food for thought...

This morning I started out with an awful headache.
My head felt foggy and my eyes were dry and sunken. I felt the greatest need to have a sweet coffee.
And so I did.The pleasure was instant and I was momentarily gratified.
The thumping headache faded to a dull ache and I started about my morning routine grumbling under my breath.

An hour later and I sat dejected on the sofa, staring out at the lovely day from my comfort spot.

I was in a real slump. No motivation, no interest in lifting a finger, no nothing.

I wondered why only yesterday I had looked so forward to today, where I could write for hours uninterrupted. probably go for a long walk, even do some gardening or painting and maybe finish the day with a lovely meal and a good film.

But instead I sat there, like a beached whale.

And you know what? I knew exactly why and the coffee wasn't helping, albeit it being a very pleasant short pleasure. Below is a great article on the hidden dangers of caffeine.

I also thought back on what I had eaten yesterday, not my norm, but an unusual treat, bread lots of it. Yummy but unfortunately very tiring on my system.
After the initial sugar rush, there is always a slump, this I knew, but I munched down all the same.
Pretty similar to the coffee now, uuumm.

Okay, okay, I'm not perfect. Even I slip up at times!

So...what now?

I could have sat there all day, to be perfectly honest, but you know what the funny thing was?
It was only when I gave myself permission to do so, if I so wished, without any guilt attached,
that the feeling of lethargy started to melt away.

I closed my eyes for five minutes, thought about the benefit of going for a brisk walk to clear my head, and how invigorated and positive I would feel on my return.

Next thing I knew, I was up and out there, amidst the warm breeze and the changing colors,
and I felt good!

It's quite simple really, feed your mind the right stuff, physically and mentally and you will get a much better outcome.

I like to feed my mind with prose such as this...


My saying, weird and all, is....

Change what your mind feasts on, and in so doing..... change what your mind feasts on.

Think about it, and while your thinking get out there! (-:

Danielle x

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