Friday, 27 July 2012

A child in a womans body....

She is gangly. Long limbed - all arms and legs....
She reminds me of an young gazelle, still uncertain of her movement and how to master it.
Yet, she is eighteen. A woman now and outwardly so.
Waved raven locks flow over her cappuccino colored skin. Chocolate doe eyes stare at me in adoration. Curves in all the right places.
Yet, inwardly still a child, at least in my eyes.

She is like Pocahontas.

She is beautiful.

She is my sister.

And she has come to stay with me for the summer, now that she is 'old' enough.

Just like Pocahontas, my sister is also one of 'two nations' as they say.
My mother is Irish and hers is from Mauritius however we share the same father, a handsome man from Rome.

We also share a lot more.

We share a love of singing at the top of our voices in the car, not caring what the nearby commuters think.
We share a love of writing and creating. Our evenings are shared listening to inspiring music while our fingers pitter-patter over the keys.
We share the same compulsion to pick up every snail from the path so that it does not get crushed.
We share the same socks, as her's unfathomably disappear night after night in the Bermuda triangle of the bed.
We share the same blood.
We share our unquestionable love for each other because blood is thicker then water.

She robs my hairbrush (as is her right to do being my sis) and brushes out her tossed curls.

'Sis' she says sleepily, definitely not being a morning person. 'What will we do today?'
She asks this with the hope and excitement of a little girl.
I sip my coffee and watch her, noting how none of the weight of the world has as yet landed on her soft shoulders. I think of ways to keep it so, to protect her for what is to come.

Yet, it is only through adversity that we truly learn, isn't it?

As the great African American educator, Booker T. Washington said,

"I have learned that success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles overcome while trying to succeed." 

So, this young girl, with the body of a woman will have to overcome her own obstacles.
Many of them without my help. I can of course help guide her and I do.

I will tell her all I have learned and show her how she can be in control of her own destiny, decision making and choices.
Choices such as deciding her own bedtime so she feels alert in the morning.
Deciding what she wants to eat and the healthiest options for herself.
Choosing what to spend her money on and is it wise or not.
Choosing her future career and is it what she truly wants to do.

Some of her choices may turn out not to have been the most beneficial, but she will still have learned valuable lessons.

I instill purpose and value into her day by challenging her to 13 Tasks she must complete by nightfall. Good deeds. Something that is beneficial to others. I know it is benefiting her also.
She runs off delighted with this idea.
Teenagers need a purpose, just like the rest of us to feel motivated as this informative article concurs

She wants to travel the world, who am I to stop her. I can only teach, inform and educate.
Then the rest is up to her. The decisions are hers.
I advice and alert her of the possible dangers out there, while still wanting to maintain her innocent excitement at life. I don't want to stifle that.

Her innocence is what makes her most beautiful.
She loves everyone and is deeply hurt if people do not reciprocate.

How do I protect her from that?

I guess all I can do is be there for her when inevitably she will be faced with some disappointment.

I will be there to offer her another outlook and perspective
and of course an ever loving shoulder,


That's what 'big sis' is for,
Danielle x 

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