Saturday, 6 December 2014

Colouring by numbers.....

Colouring by numbers........

When I was little, I used to love these magazines where they had a picture and I had to follow the guided number chart to fill it in. It would say…red in number 2 area and so on and so forth.
It was easy and helped me formulate the basis of my ‘staying in line’ skills.

But after some time, when I became really good at this, I started to get bored.
No longer did I look at the chart to follow.
I started to make up my own colour scheme for
the cartoon in front of me.

Then, I started to be really wild and I would cross over the line – on purpose – looking over my shoulder like a naughty pupil (-;

What I learnt then and I still believe to this day, is that......
sometimes we need a solid grounding, a base from which to start from.
Its just like learning the alphabet.

We start with the basics, A-B-C and then progress to CAT, MAT and SAT.
We start creating our own phrases and then by taking little risks, slowly but surely we can become more daring and these words can become our own original stories.

If we start off with baby steps, and slowly repeat and repeat, building our confidence More on how to build your confidence here! and adventurous muscle, then we can grow. I believe, sometimes ( actually most of the time) crossing over those lines is a good thing, in fact a great thing. In fact a necessary thing!

For without people who went that little bit over and peered over the edge…. without them, well… life would be boring, static, all the same. We would be robotic, like drones, filing to class or to work.

So, I say loudly and with wild abandon to you.....

Go peer at what’s out there. Test your boundaries and your comfort zone.
Feel the excitement in a little discomfort and the unfamiliar.
Colour over the lines and create your own new boundaries.
Paint your future big and bold and bright and guess what…
you never know what might happen… :-)

To your magnificent creation,
Love Danielle x

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