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The Top Things Unsuccessful people do...

What I have been doing and the Top things unsuccessful people do.....                       

Hey there,

I have had another very busy and fun week. I finished off a couple of my paintings which I will be bringing down to a local Gallery soon and starting on a new commission of two lovely doggies :-)

This is one of my biggest passions. When I paint I go into another world especially when I am listening to Ludovico Einaudi (I highly recommend him if you feel like some inspirational music).
Here is a link to my favourite Album
He is superb and ....Italian of course! :-)

Anyway..... I paint mainly because I CAN. ( I Created Alternative Neurology)
What I actually mean is because I am no longer afraid. You see for many years I was scared of what others thought. I believed people would ridicule my art and say it is 'childish, basic, not arty enough' etc. Now to be honest... I couldn't care less!
Most importantly I love my art and secondly I know some others do also.
This is the other reason I paint. To convey some joy and happiness and a sense of childish freedom.
A lack of inhibition and a freeness of emotion and imagination.
I paint because I want to touch people with this feeling and bring a smile to their face like it does too mine.

I call it 'Positive Artistry'.

Besides painting I have been busy writing and with clients.
I am so grateful for the people I work with and I want to thank you x
There is nothing more rewarding than seeing one of your emails in the morning and watching your transformation unfold. Keep going! I am proud of you.

If you have not worked with me yet, you can see some of my testimonials below -
Please note that I put this here not to impress you but to impress upon you that change can happen and it is even easier than how easy you think it is :-)                        
Another thing that happened this week was an impromptu road trip with the superwoman Samantha Kelly AKA on Twitter. I had a very relaxed and fun interview with her on her show #goddesshour on the Charity radio station   run by the truly lovely Mark. I highly recommend you tune in, it is great fun!

If you haven't yet make sure you follow me here as....shhhh :-)
there is some exciting stuff about to happen very soon!

Okay, so anyway...after surrounding myself with positive and successful people in their field, I thought it may be interesting and useful to write down my thoughts on what makes them so.
While contemplating this I decided to write the following from the other perspective so that you can spot any of them you might do! Let me know your thoughts and if I can help in any way xxx

Do YOU do these things???

The TOP things UNSUCESSFULL people do...

1 - Think Ignorantly -
They do not 'educate' themselves and are therefore ignorant. This is defined as 'lack of knowledge or information'. When we believe we 'know it all' is the moment we become ignorant.
There is always more we can learn and not simply from books. Experience is the best teacher.
So go out and LEARN from the world today and never stop even when you think you know it all.
As I say in my book The Blackbelt Mastermind -
* 'A Black Belt is simply a White belt who never gave up.'

2 - Blame others -
If we blame others, our circumstances and our past etc, we can NEVER change things.
Playing the victim leaves us powerless.
Instead accepting responsibility or as I like to say Response Ability gives us power!
Once we become AWARE and we can then make our own decisions.
Remember between every Thought and action there is ...CHOICE.
* So CHOOSE to take ResponseAbility and you will see massive changes happen!

3 - Think Negatively -
When we constantly complain and moan and think negatively we are simply choosing the direction of our thoughts. Successful people know this and choose instead to focus wisely.
Next time you are faced with a problem or dilemma instead of concentrating on 'Why' you have this problem instead concentrate on what you can do to change it.
Concentrate on the solution.
* YOU get more of what you focus on!

4 - Procrastinate -
Procrastination is something you DO not something you HAVE.
It is NOT a disease! When you procrastinate you are simply playing a bad tape in your head.
Notice what tape you are playing. Is what you are imagining pleasant or painful?
Change it to a better tape. Imagine how great you will feel and the wonderful results of you taking action.
This is much more motivating!
Instead if you want to take action and succeed choose to ACT immediately.
The longer you leave it the harder it gets, just like the saying....
'He who hesitates meditates in a horizontal position.'
The trick is simply to do SOMETHING no matter how small! Once you take any action it is easier to do more! Feeling unmotivated to go for a walk? Simply get up and put your runners on. Chances are the simple act of getting off the couch will propel you further. Action attracts action.

5 - Stay in their box -
Unsuccessful people look at life with blinkers on. They have a limited view point and vision.
Successful people instead keep an open mind and look at different opinions and outlooks than just their own. They are more open to comments, constructive criticism and advice.
They surround themselves with a team of people who are experts in their respective fields rather than believing they are the experts on every subject.

6 - Stay in their comfort zone -
Unsuccessful people rarely step outside their comfort zone. They fear change and the unknown and value familiarity above all else. Successful people take calculated risks and enjoy the adventure.
This is like a muscle. Develop your courage more very day by doing something to challenge yourself no matter how small. Set yourself a task, goal or challenge and follow through.
Take on a new hobby, go to a local Meetup group, talk to that girl or boy that you like.
Hold yourself accountable and you will see your comfort zone stretch far and wide.
* The more you do this the more courageous you will become. Very quickly what you once feared will amaze you! Remember FEAR is simply False Evidence Appearing Real.

7 - Think only of themselves -
It is ironic but often concentrating on solely ourselves often has the most detrimental result.
Successful people have become so because they have a PURPOSE and often that is to help others. Think of the people in your life and how you can make a difference. A simple smile can completely change someone's day. When you concentrate on others you will get this back tenfold.
* Make it one of your daily routines every day to make a difference to someone's life and soon you will see all the abundance of the world.

That's about it for this week, I hope you enjoyed and found the above helpful.
As always I would be delighted to hear your thoughts

Also remember my Bootcamp is on this Saturday 12th July in Dublin!
If you want a place contact me today! It is going to be awesome I promise!
I look forward to hearing from you,
Danielle xxx

Your Mind Coach
'Change your mind and change your life!'

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