Thursday, 26 June 2014

Following my dream!

Heat wave to Greek wave all for following my dream!.... this has been a highly eventful week full of positive development, new friends and relationships and  wonderful inspiration!

I traveled all the way from my home, leaving our 'heatwave' of 21 degrees and where St.Patrick made his first attempt to land on Irish soil (Wicklow) to paddling in the foam and 41 degrees, where the Greek Goddess of love Aphrodite came out of the waves (Cyprus) and back to where myth says Garman Garbh was drowned on the mudflats by waters released by an Enchantress  (Wexford)
Besides all that I spent a lot of time queuing in the madness of a little Cypriot airport ( I think everybody had the same idea to fly home late on Sunday night, so as to catch all the sun) and chatting to the one and only, my wonderful friend and mentor Marina Nani  over cinnamon buns and chocolaty coffees until the sun peeked its head at 5am in Gatwick airport. This truly incredible woman has written over 20 books and it was her that inspired me to write my first book The Blackbelt Mastermind !
Now available on Amazon, Kindle  or your local Bookshop!

It was planned as a week of 'work' but was really all fun :-) because you see...this is my dream and my passion. To travel the world and meet people and to play a small part in helping them change their lives for the better. This week proved to be one of those most rewarding times, you know when you feel completely exhausted but adrenalin, buzz and sheer joy is keeping you going!

I got to meet the most wonderful people at long last, that I had up to now only known virtually and yes they were better in the real world! Vipin Ramdas the truest of gents you could ever meet picked me up from the airport and politely carried my case as I struggled to adapt and re learn how to breathe the stifling air - even though it was 10pm!

The next day slightly better 'adapted' in a sun dress, cool drink in hand and emergency pool by my side I finally met the one and only jumping queen Pavlina Papalouka event co-ordinator extraordinaire at Awaken Space .  Later we were joined by two more inspirational women hypnotizing Pat Duckworth from Royston Hypnotherapy and the Elegant Negotiator Serah Lister  where we awaited for Marina to arrive Champagne in hand!

The event 'How to monetize your big idea'on Saturday was truly wonderful as we met so many genuine and passionate Cypriot folk.

I spoke on stage about overcoming obstacles and following your dreams  and then later we celebrated with lots of Halloumi and Champagne :-)

Back in Ireland and down to the sunny South East to Wexford (well maybe not quite as sunny as Cyprus) but still.... I heard Michael Palin says the train ride from Dublin to Rosslare is the 2nd best after the Himalayas so that's not bad!!

I was one of the speakers at the IrishBiz Party Inspire Conference organized by another powerhouse woman Samantha Kelly AKA Tweeting Goddess  and a goddess she is!
Not only beautiful but also incredibly smart.....

Actually...her sister isn't bad either (okay, I know how this is starting to sound! lol) but seriously she is another web wizard.

Roz Kelly of How To Be The Business can help you with your website
and all things social media'ish.

She did my site and its brill! The Blackbelt Mastermind

Anyhow, I met so many wonderful people this week that I cant mention them all but my main message is this....

Look for the opportunities and you will find them.

Don't blow things out of proportion and push through your fears,
it will leave you feeling empowered!

As I said on stage, focus in the right direction and never look back.
Remember that... You get more of what you focus on!

I focused on these incredible folk, talented in so MANY fields and what I experienced and learnt from them was invaluable.

Thank you to each and everyone of you,
my fears shrunk and my dreams grew even bigger this week......

Danielle xxx
Your Mind Coach
'Change your mind and change your life!'

P.S: Would love to see you at my upcoming Bootcamp! 12th July Dublin.
It's going to be brilliant :-)
The Blackbelt Mastermind Bootcamp!

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