Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Have your dreams put a restraining order on you?

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Okay... so for now (-;

I have some questions for you that are proven to get you thinking differently than before....

Take some time, about twenty minutes to write down your answers.

Okay so… here goes…. 

  • One…
  • Do you have a big dream or dreams?
  • Two….
  • Is it the same one as last year? 
  • Has anything changed to get you nearer to it?
  • Three….
  • What is stopping you from going after it? Are your reasons REALLY impossible to overcome?

  • Four….
  • If I offered you a million dollars to get it done in a certain time frame, would that change your perspective, belief, confidence, drive or motivation?

Any clearer yet (-;?

You see, 
if we don’t have a road map or clear directions, how do we know where we are going?

Your dreams become much clearer once we start to focus on them. Be brave and bold and courageous. Start to chase your dreams so much that they try to put a restraining order on you 
To your success,
Your MindCoach Danielle Serpico x
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