Tuesday, 30 September 2014

What do YOU do to sabotage your goals?

What do YOU do to sabotage your goals?

Yesterday, I felt a little unmotivated. Yes, I know...your surprised! ;-)

Believe it or not...I'm not always in a good mood or feeling like the energiser bunny.
In fact yesterday I felt pretty Mehhhhh...tired, lethargic and very unmotivated.

I contemplated doing some work and after a morning of torturing myself with lots of procrastination and self afflicted guilt I finally gave up and made the decision - it being Sunday anyhow - I would give my mind and my conscience a break.... So I went to Glendalough (yea I know..again! lol I just love it there).

Anyhow, while walking I contemplated life - as you do :-) I switched off my 'conscious' mind from searching for answers and thanks to my 'unconscious' continuing to work for me and the beauty of being outdoors I soon came to the following conclusions.


If we want more Motivation then you have to get rid of the following!

1) No Appreciation

Imagine what your life would be like if you felt constantly grateful.
What would be different?
What would change?

Put yourself right now into a state of gratitude and feel what is different in your body.
Notice your posture, energy and focus. Has its direction shifted??
If you really did this then I am guessing it has.

This is not wishy washy whimsical jargon. This is practical, real help.
The more you practice daily gratitude the more motivated you will feel. Gratitude is closely linked with motivation and will spur you onto greater things.

Make a list every day of what you are grateful for and bring it to mind often.
Soon you will have cultivated a new habit, a way of constantly looking for the good stuff.
When you do this you will find yourself in another new and much more beautiful world and you will feel much more excited to be here and keen to experience all it has to offer.

Make sure you are LIVING!
More on this here...http://www.neurocombatives.blogspot.ie/2013/04/your-extinct-already.html

2) Too much Overwhelm

Okay...you wake up and while you lie there in bed ALL the things you need to do and ALL the stuff that you want to change rattles around in your head.

There is just SO MUCH! How will you ever get it ALL done?!

Its an impossible feat! RIght?......So instead, what do you do?....

Roll over and feel sorry for yourself or waste half the day surfing the net and then the rest of the day feeling guilty about this!
Sound familiar??

Instead I recommend the following -

* Simplify your goals - Simply pick one first - the easiest and go after that one.
* Plan - Write up a list of easy, manageable goals and visualise having achieved them.
* Organize your life - Tidy up, de clutter and Prime it with positive stuff.
Read more on Priming here...

3) No Purpose

Our Motivation used to be driven in pre historic times by the need to survive but generally for us lucky folk (able to sit and read a computer screen) now days, our problems are 1st world problems.

This means we don't have the tiger at our heels any longer, so our drive has changed. We don't have to struggle and hunt for food and our 'need' has become 'lost' somewhat. Were no longer sure what our purpose is, what our reason for being is, hence often a lack of drive.

So what can you do to find this drive??

* Find your Purpose and meaning in life -

* Ask artful questions that get you focusing in a better direction.
How can I be better?
How can I provide more value for others?

Once you stop focusing internally and start to focus on others it will ironically fuel you more and give your life more meaning and purpose.

Enjoy the journey and the work.
Enjoy the state of flow and simply the act of doing.
Live in the now!
Just like I often say you cannot find happiness for it is not a 'thing' - happiness is a state of mind.
Read this here...

The same is true for 'finding' meaning. Stop 'searching' for it and instead create it!
Create moments, events and daily occurrences that create meaning in your life and you will jump out of bed much more with excitement at the day in hand.

4) No Map

Without a map how do you know where to go....and with the wrong map where will you end up??

By now, if you have been following my blogs, you will have heard me saying 'The Map is not the Territory'. This means that what we perceive as reality is not always in fact reality.
More on seeing the world differently here...

So how does this help you?

Well, if you know that what you are perceiving is not necessarily real then you also know there is a possible new way of looking at something.

Always ask good questions if you are feeling unmotivated.
Listen to your thoughts in your head and notice what you are saying.
Look out for RED Alerts! Any generalisation, distortion or deletion you make!
Want to learn more about this? Come to my next Bootcamp on the 18th October in Dublin!

Notice if you are Imagining beneficially! Are you thinking something negative or positive?
Which is more motivating? Start to imagine how fantastic it will be when you achieve this goal.
Link more pleasure with it and it will become more enticing to do!

Take action and DO something.
Inaction will simply be killed by doing something!

Literally take one step forward!
Put on those running shoes, pick up that pen, switch on the computer, etc!

Start with something small today and notice how your motivation increases.
 Most of all remember you are in control of the choices you make.

Choose to be kind to yourself and appreciate how special and unique you are.

Now make it your purpose to give back a little of that to the rest of the world.
I for one want to hear what happens ;-)

Love Danielle x
Your Mind Coach
'Change your Mind and Change your Life!'

 If you found this useful please share it with someone else that could benefit and let me know your thoughts. I would love to hear from you :-)

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