Thursday, 11 September 2014

Have you got goose-pimples today?

Don't be part of the flock!!!

Today, I just read a very special email from a wonderful person. He has finally got it and has made the decision to go and really LIVE his life! He has decided to be happy and so therefore I am feeling happy!

People often ask me.... am I always happy?

They seem to ponder and sometimes presume that because this is what I strive to help people with - 'feeling happier'- that this means that I have ultimately 'found' this illusive golden state and constantly reside within it! Is this the case? Not exactly.

Happiness is not a physical thing we can possess and its not a verb, its an adjective!

We 'DO' happiness but often people forget this and instead wait for it to somehow magically land in our lap one morning. My bet is that since you are reading this, then you are a thinking outside the box, have stepped away from the flock and this illusive myth and are actively looking for a more productive and pragmatic approach.

For us to experience happiness we need to DO things happily! Makes sense!

If I HAD happiness and possessed it, this means I could loose it, right? Not so good.

Luckily for us, I can CHOOSE to feel happy whenever I want by the act of DOING it.

This gives me control.

Do I feel happy all the time? Hell no! I would be a little crazy, right?

ALL our emotions are there for a reason, to help guide us. Just like we need fear to warn us of possible danger, we also need sadness so as to experience joy.

There can be no light without shadow.

What I 'Do' is to plan to feel happy by planning how I will do it!

Just like feeling unhappy is also a plan. You see....
Failure takes adequate planning.

If you always plan how your days are going to be the same and miserable then you will have more of that. If instead you plan for how you will feel happy then you will get more of that! Simple!

Get more of what you focus on! Right!

For you to experience more happiness, I respectfully suggest you DO this also, it REALLY helped me! I chose to make sure that everyday I would experience things that made me feel happy.
Like walking in nature, petting my doggie and eating good cake!

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As well as this, DO things daily that cause you to feel fulfilled and make your heart pump with passion. DO things that make a difference. Help the next person you meet for no good reason except that he/she is a special human being just like you!

Make their day and I PROMISE it will make yours also!

Go get goose-pimples on your skin today xxx

Danielle x
Your Mind Coach

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