Monday, 6 October 2014

What you THINK I do versus what I REALLY do to live life fully!

What you think I do versus what I REALLY do to LIVE FULLY!..


I will start with some random sentences :-)

I'm just not good/smart/good looking enough.
I'm just a bad person.
I'm a failure.
It's easier for him/her/you.
I just cant help it!
I cant go on.
There is nothing that can be done.
You just are who you are.
Some people have it and some don't.
Its down to luck.
Its down to circumstances.
Its hard to explain.
You just don't/cant/couldn't understand!
I cant live without him/her.
My childhood is the reason for why I am like this.
If my parents had been different things would now be different.
If I had money/looks/brains/luck... things would be different.
Its easy for you to say!

The list could go on and on......... have you heard any of these before?
More specifically, have you ever used any of these yourself?? Be honest.
Well....let me tell you a little secret.... I have used them ALL and many, many, MANY more! I am admitting this for a reason - an important one.

We are ALL the same.
There is NO difference between you and I or anyone else in this world. NONE!

YOU are just as capable of leading a successful, happy life as anyone else and the ONLY thing that may be stopping you from having what you want is......YOU!

I know this may sound cold, harsh and uncomfortable. Believe me when I say I also did, when someone said it to me....BUT it was a BIG wake up call and if this post does half of what the realisation did for me, then I am happy to make you uncomfortable! As I have said to anyone that has experienced time with job is not necessarily to get you to like me. While I hope you will, I will take that risk so as to get results with you.
My job is to get you to SEE the truth before you!

Making changes and motivating yourself is not easy but its also not as hard as you think. Yes, any change is frightening. I was paralysed with fear at the start,
But I FINALLY realized, when I was at my lowest point, that nobody but me was going to save me! NOBODY!..... I cant save you either but I can help you.

Once I finally really accepted this I was able to take response-ability.
I made the decision to CHOOSE my responses.

So...... instead of blaming everybody else, society, the economy, my parents, my friends, my partner, my dog, the weather and the bloody kitchen sink...I chose to respond differently. This gave me CONTROL and you can do it also.

YES, listen to that voice in your head right now.
If it is saying you cant, tell it to just shut up! I am serious. Do it.
How about you say something else for a change?? Why not? What have you to loose?

Okay, here is the crunch. I don't ALWAYS wake up with a grin on my face and feeling amazing. Sometimes I still wake up tired, unmotivated and even depressed. My life isn't perfect.
I have problems too. Then may ask am I preaching about self development and all this stuff??

Because my life is perfectly imperfect and I now accept that. In fact so is everybody's! That's the funny thing. Once I started working with people, I soon realized everybody has the same fears, no matter who they are or how successful. The difference is they just continue on anyhow.
I'm not a robot and I am not super human. I am just like you, a perfectly imperfect and in so being a perfect human being. (Yes, I know I'm confusing also!)

What I mean is, I now accept that I wont always feel fantastic or that everything will be perfect BUT.....I can PLAN for what I will do to make it the BEST that I CAN! This is the difference!

I used to be a victim - now I am the choreographer of my life.
It has taken a while and I have to remind myself occasionally but I constantly PLAN for how I will make my day a success. So...even though you may think I just wake up every day with a crazy grin on my face (well sometimes I do) I always do the following -

* I make a list in the morning of what I PLAN to be grateful for that day! YEs I future plan my gratitude!

* I also recap at night what I was grateful for that day.

* Any time I feel fear, I ask myself good questions to see if I am being illogical.

* I push myself daily beyond my comfort zone. Sometimes that may mean the smallest of acts and sometimes it can be huge. I allow myself the respect to choose for the day depending on my mood.

* I take time out, even if for 5 minutes, to respect myself and breathe deep.

* I am aware of emotions that will hinder me, like anger or jealousy. I instead ask how does this serve me until I am able to find a better solution.

* I spend time with people who help me feel good.

* I make sure to appreciate every day that I am alive and I have the power to control my destiny.

We all have a choice in how we live our lives. I spent 36 years living in the past and in denial.
I plan to spend the rest of my time living life to the full!

That may be simply eating a yummy cake with gusto or cuddling my dog...
or going swimming in my knickers with him in the sea!
(The picture above is where I swam the other eve!) may be pushing my comfort zone even further and stating publicly I am going to do a parachute jump as it is my biggest fear!

I overcame my fear of spiders and snakes with all this mind stuff...
More about overcoming fear here ....That four letter word.

lets see if it really works with hurtling through space! lol watch this space!

If you feel you are holding back and not really living life, I implore you to take action right now!

Sit up straight, push your shoulders back, take a deep breath...
now imagine you did not have that limiting belief (yes the one you are thinking of)
If that was gone what would change?
Imagine that now and stand up and DO something different today.
Massive changes take massive action.....but it starts simply with one little step.

An incredible world is waiting for you and so am I.
I would love to hear from you.....

Danielle x

Your Mind Coach
Change your Mind and Change your Life!

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