Thursday, 6 November 2014

What is your Gift?

What is YOUR GIFT??

 And how do you find it?


Recently I was pontificating on how to reach a certain milestone in my business.

I was chatting with my partner and I asked him his opinion.

I asked him what he thought I should do so as to become better known as the 'go to person'. The one that people could find easily when they were looking for help.

I was feeling frustrated and in a hurry to go global! lol

He mentioned how much things had changed for me in the past few years but I was still feeling impatient. He asked me what had I done so far?

I reflected on this and replied that besides the obvious practical stuff, like websites, some SEO and all that techno stuff (all good practical stuff) really I had not done much else.

'Really?' he asked. 'So how have you got clients so far?'

'Well', I replied.. 'I have just been myself'.
I shrugged and he looked at me with a meaningful glint in his eyes.

That's when I copped it! He's much smarter than me, you see! :-)
And I'm the one always preaching about 'trying'!

You see, I don't have to 'try'. I just have to 'be' me!
 Pay special attention to this!

If you 'try' to be something then your not being authentic.
As long as you just 'BE' you than all will go smoothly. Once you start to try to be something your loosing your 'self'! My successes have all come about without 'trying'. When I was at my most natural, fired up with passion and belief and an inner fire that's when I have achieved transformation with my clients.
When I worked from a place of authenticity and integrity that's when others passed it on and spread the word for me!

The same goes for you.

My gift is simply being 'me' and yours is being 'you'.
This is MUCH deeper than it sounds!
Think about it :-)

How much more authentic and real are you with others when you are NOT trying to BE something but just simply BEING you - This is your gift to others.
Have the courage to let go and be yourself.

I'm not talking about learning and honing your skills and knowledge or improving your visibility with social media etc. All this is valuable and useful. I'm not talking about wanting to improve your life or aspiring to better things. Dreaming big and taking action is what I'm all about! Every time you experience or learn something new you are stretching your knowledge and hence your ability to manifest.

I'm talking about what you GIVE to others at any moment.
Are you giving YOU or someone you think you should be.

Your gift is to be authentic.
Your gift is to be YOU...and in return you will get many gifts from others.

One of my dogs was very ill this week, you may have seen my fb post here

Anyway, he made it thanks to his brother and my Hero Macchi.
Macchi didn't 'try' to be anything. He just was and used his gift.
Everyday he gives me this gift by loving me unconditionally and filling me full of joy and love.

Can you do that for someone today??

Love unconditionally and share your gift and you will get back so many more!                   
My Hero...
Anyway... my last Blackbelt Mastermind Bootcamp was another great success with some incredible people. I made some wonderful new friends also and witnessed some marvellous transformations. So truly grateful to have these opportunities to help change lives and make life long friends.

Often, I find the people that come to me for help affect my life also.
This is what I mean by your GIFT.

I am touched daily by the love, kindness and trust that you put in me and I really hope that I do you justice in return. I promise you I give you my all....

One such person that has made a HUGE impression on me and has truly touched my heart was a lovely lady that came to me for help but I feel she has given me even more than I have given her.

I have learnt a new found strength from just knowing her and it has given me renewed vision and clarity in what I do. I believe if you surround yourself with such genuine shining people such as this lady we can do anything.

Her name is Carol Brill and 'brill' indeed she is.

Some of you may know her from one of my recent Bootcamps or through the incredible group Irishbizparty.

Anyway, I am now looking for your help on this!
Please read the following link and support her in any way you can and help make her dream come true!

Please read, share and support and use the #seeingdisney on Twitter!
Lets make a difference in this world today.
Lets use our gift and allow her this opportunity to use hers.

Thank you for reading,
Love Danielle xxx

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