Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The 4 Easiest mistakes you make to STOP your progress!

The 4 easiest mistakes you make to STOP your progress -

1) You Settle -

You EXPECT less and you start to believe that this is all there is to life and that you should just be happy with it.

This does NOT mean APPRECIATING every day and being GRATEFUL for what you do have in your life.
In fact doing a gratitude list daily actually causes you to want more and get more... because you start to expect good things and look out for them.
* If you surround yourself with mediocrity then you will settle for that.
* You deserve to have all that you can and all that you can is what you deserve.
* Deciding that you 'should' simply be happy with your lot is an immediate stopping point.

(Read my Article HERE on The Top 10 Things that Unsuccessful people do)

*ALWAYS be grateful BUT never believe you HAVE to settle!

2) Think Small -

You don't dream anymore.
As you know by now - you get more of what you focus on. (More about FOCUSING on the good stuff here)
 SO... focus on the good stuff, expect it to happen and it will.
If you play it safe  and Stay in the familiar and never feel Fear you will never grow!
And if you put yourself down and Insult yourself ...HOW is that helpful?

*Ask yourself better questions. ALL the time!

3) Over exaggerate -

You expect you have to do too much -You think its all or nothing.
You exaggerate the outcome and the worst scenario.
Always watch carefully for any Generalisations, Distortions or Deletions in your thinking.
This will help you think more sensibly and beneficially.

*Always remember The MAP IS NOT THE TERRITORY! (Click to learn more about this)

4) You Procrastinate -

Inaction is the sure-most way of halting progress.
Action breeds action and the same is true for inaction.
As one of my favourite martial arts quotes says....
'He who hesitates, meditates in a horizontal position.'
Just like with the 'fight or flight' response, inaction causes paralysation, whether physical or mental.

Start by reading The 1st Step on your Journey...

*Take one little step every day and you will be amazed when you look back at the change!


A client and friend of mine recently said; 'He was STILL struggling with a negative voice occasionally'.

Well, allow me to tell you 2 BIG SECRETS......

1) That negative voice will continue to pop back in now and then...BUT....
2) You do NOT HAVE to believe it!

Thoughts are simply that remember. Simply thoughts!
It does not mean they are a FACT!
YOU can CHOOSE how you deal and react to that thought and if you want to choose to believe it or challenge it.

I chose to do that this week again when those voices popped in.
I have been working on my next book- a fantasy Novel (all about good and bad and how our minds work). I sent it to a couple of folk to read, nervous of what they would say.
BUT I did it anyway...
I also have been painting and preparing for a very small exhibit of my paintings and occasionally a little doubt still creeps in.

Let me be CLEAR.
I KNOW I am not the best painter in the world.....
BUT what I make sure to bring to mind OFTEN is...
That I LOVE it and it makes some people smile.

That's all that matters, isn't it?? ;-)
After all just like the quote ....

Keep feeling awesome and striving to help others feel so too!



Lots of love and good thoughts,
Danielle x
Your Mind Coach

Oh yea... and here is my latest pic, the inspiration for my next book!
You see just like you I also feel doubt  occasionally
but I can CHOOSE to believe you will love him as much as I do!
Thank you xxxxxx

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