Sunday, 21 December 2014

The Secret of Christmas.....

The Secret of Christmas.....

is simple when you know how.

'If you cant enjoy what you have, you cant enjoy more of it'....said the pompous sounding man on the stage.

Easy for you to say.. I thought. You dont have my problems!

That year and that Christmas, five years ago now, was the worst one I had ever had.
I had spent it alone in my house, with no heating and hardly any money, wrapped in a duvet and crying myself to sleep.

Two weeks later was my lowest point as I contemplated ending it all but wondered how long would it be before anyone discovered my rotting body. Believe it..... that was a turning point.

Six months on I sat in the second row listening to this man talking about how we are responsible for our own happiness. I had read his books and had found a lot of sense in what he said, Even still I had been skeptic to say the least of the benefits of actually attending his seminar.

Very quickly this melted away as I listened enthralled at the workings of our minds.
This man was Richard Bandler (the co-founder of NLP) and he showed me a new, or rather, forgotten way, that I could choose to think. I discovered that I could choose to think in a more beneficial way once I realized and became aware of what I often did to myself unbeknownst.

I had simply being focusing on the wrong things.
I had been focusing in the wrong direction! ;-)

I started to laugh again that day.......

You see... the moment you begin to laugh at your problems you then start to change chemically and once you allow dopa mine and serotonin the 'feel-good' drugs to seep in, then you allow possibility and a new perspective. Most of all once you are aware that YOU are in control and that you have choice you CAN choose to think a smarter way.

I chose not to be a victim ever again. I took back responsibility and that gave me back the reigns.
You CAN to!

Mostly I realized, I had actually chosen to be that way on Christmas day. I had shunned friends and family and switched off my phone, pretending to each that I was with another. It wasn't that I was actually alone. I chose not to nurture relationships and I chose to feel sorry for myself.

Now I choose to be grateful and constantly remind myself of the abundance around me.

No matter what you are going through, you are NOT alone. There are people who genuinely would really love to be with you and would love your friendship. You are really blessed and loved.

The Secret of Christmas is ....... spend it the same way as with any other day!
What I mean is...LIVE your life EVERY day not just one day a year where you make an effort to spend it with loved ones and to be nice. BE nice always and appreciate the little things!
Being grateful and realizing that NOW is the most important moment - that is the secret (-:

Love, laugh and be thankful.
Appreciate what you have and make the most of it.
Share your light and your love freely...
and be YOU.

Now... I am going to share my love with my family and friends this year.
Why? Because I CHOOSE to do so and focus on that (-:

I know you will too.

Thank you for your loyal support over the past year.
Thank you to the wonderful people I have met and to those I have yet the privilege to meet.
I am so looking forward to our journey together into an awesome 2015!

Thank you for being my friend and showing me I am not alone.
Therefore neither are you, for we are in this small world together.

Happy Christmas and lets rock 2015!!!

Love Danielle xxx

Your Mind Coach
'Change your Mind and Change your Life!

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