Thursday, 26 July 2012

Are you a 'tryer' ???

  A teeny weeny three letter word but a powerful one all the same....

We use it day in day out, most of us not even aware of how much.
It is simply a figure of speech that we use - a habit.
A habit that unfortunately can have a very negative impact on our lives without us realizing it.
The problem with the word 'try', is that it has 'failure' already presupposed in it.

How beneficial has 'trying' been for you in the past?
The actual 'trying', not the 'doing'. I'm not talking about 'doing' something and it not working out how you hoped. That is doing and learning.

Think of this...
If I asked you, now as you read this, to try and close your eyes, actually closing your eyes would be doing, but trying to close your eyes, would imply they are still open.
So now you see my point, yea? (-:

As an NLP Practitioner I am fully aware of the influence the words I use have on my unconscious.
In fact, most of our actions and in actions are ruled by what we say to ourselves and others, and what our unconscious picks up from these words.

So, when it hears us use the word 'try', what it actually picks up from this is 'I don't really believe'.

An example would be,  
'I will try and get better at this'. 
What I am really saying is, I’m not committed. It's really an excuse, as in ‘Well, I only said I’d try!' This works the exact same way when thinking to yourself. 'I will have to try and lose weight,' it would be much more useful if replaced with 'I will loose weight'.

The use of the word 'try' affects us on an emotional and unconscious level. Particularly from someone we see as an authority figure, like your parents, teacher, etc. When they asked you to 'try' something, it planted a seed of doubt in our mind and conveys to your unconscious 'I don’t believe in' or 'trust you'.

Instead of trying to be more aware of the words you use,
just be aware of them more and more.
So, instead of trying to utilize this concept, how about just using it instead?

To all your 'doing'!
Danielle x
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  1. As the knowledge the great Yoda imparts on a young Luke Skywalker, "Do or do not, there is no try"