Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Self Defence for the mind...

So...... what are YOU planning to feast your mind on today??

In today's news; 200,000 people have fled the fighting in the Syrian city of Aleppo. 47 have died in a fire on a train in Southern India and the number of insolvencies in retail is growing by the minute, bla, bla, bla. Plus one of my most revered authors, the lovely Maeve Binchy has just died......

Really cheerful stuff ay?

So, is that really how we are going to help ourselves?
I know I keep harping on about this, but this is truly the key.

If you want to know how to be happy, then....
surround yourself 
with happy thoughts!

I am not suggesting you go and live on a deserted island to avoid hearing the news at all costs!
I am also not saying that knowing some of this stuff is important, and I am definitely not intending any disrespect at the memories of those who have passed away or have suffered.
News is important and keeping updated is useful, 
all I am saying is that maybe it would be wise to limit this information on a daily basis.

Filter it, so to speak. Give yourself a daily allowance!
Like if you take a coffee (yea, I know it is my vice (-: ) but instead of drinking cupfuls everyday, because you know it is bad for you, maybe you limit it to one? Or two at the most!
Maybe, you also balance your little indulgences with some more healthy stuff, like say a massive avocado, tomato and baby spinach salad for lunch. You feel better, right?
So can we do that for our mind also? Of course we can!

As I keep saying...'We are that on what we feast our minds',
so here are a few ideas to start with.......

When waking- Actually this is 'as' waking - 

We do this day after day, through most of our working lives, so why do many of us keep torturing ourselves?? Buy one of those super cool alarm clocks, that wake you up as though the dawn was breaking around you and listen to the birds sing! 
Well worth the investment and believe me I am not attempting to sell anything, 
I just know the health implications! 
Soooo much better then starting your day off to a loud, sudden buzzing, yuck!!

Stretch in the bed for a minute and smile (even if you don't feel like it). Your brain wont know the difference and I guarantee after you do it, it will stay on naturally, just like a cheshire cat.
Look at yourself in the mirror and say Hello (nicely!) and say to yourself how GOOD you look today. Just do it!

Have a HEALTHY breakfast with some nice healthy treats (I like fresh blueberry's on my Muesli) yummm!

Listen to some inspiring and invirogating music in the car while driving to work. 
This is a favorite of mine..... 
Not the news, unless its absolutely necessary (like your job or something).

Say OUT LOUD in the car, 'Today is going to be a GREAT day!' 
Again, it does not matter if you believe it or not, what matters is that you say it.
Your brain (or rather your unconscious) will catch on quick enough (-:
Plus you will feel really stupid, so you will giggle anyway!

Take regular breaks at work. Every half hour, stop for 30 seconds (minimum) and just breathe.
In through your nose, hold it for 5 seconds and out through your mouth for five. 
Keep your shoulders relaxed and let your breath expand in your tummy.

Sit up straight, no slouching! I know you are catching on quick to this by now (-:
Your unconscious wont know the difference. It will read the signals from your body, in others words, shoulders back, head tall etc, and will think you are feeling good, and so it will set off lots off positive endorphins! 

Think of a famous person or loved one that you admire and take on the characteristics of that person. Act like you think they would. I don't mean mimic ridiculously, just inwardly project the emotion you know they would give. For example, you may adore and look up to Sean Connery and his smooth, confident persona or Catherine Zeta Jones effortless sensuality, then just simply imagine stepping into them and behaving the way they do.
You will find people start commenting very quickly and saying that you appear different in some way, more confident, self assured etc etc. It works!

Keep an inspiring or funny book with you, for your break.

Spend time in the company of LOTS of diverse people. 
Spend LOTS of time with positive, happy people.
Think of ways to bring LOTS of joy and happyness into those who do not seem as happy.

Set yourself  little goals every day. Such as 'Today, I will get to know that serious looking guy and get him to smile.' Or 'today I am going to do ten little nice things for others'.
You will see very quickly how good you start to feel.

When you think a negative thought, thats okay.... 
Acknowledge you have had it, just don't judge it. Don't beat yourself up further for having it. That's just reinforcing the downward spiral!
Instead congratulate yourself for having noticed it. 
When you do this, you will notice the negative thoughts disappearing very quickly and popping up much less often.

Watch a funny comedy film or show and laugh out loud.
This is one of my favorite, totally hilarious, and a suitably apt title too!

Pin up positive messages around the house.

Write down a list of the Top 100 Things you are grateful for.
Don't think about it, just start and don't stop until you are finished.
Write everything and anything, from your grateful for your job to being able to read this.

I guarantee by the time you are finished all the above, you will be laughing out loud!

Are you laughing yet??

Well, do you really WANT to be happy?
So go on then....start feeding your mind on all the good stuff that's out there!

To all your fun and giggles,

Danielle x

If you would like some more ideas to help you laugh out loud,
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