Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Instant gratification anyone?

Here we are in a world full of 'instant' this and that....

Instant coffee, instant dinners, instant fixes....
whatever you desire, right NOW.
Then why is it that when it comes to instant fixes for ourselves, we often have a problem with it?
Is the 'instant' era actually frowned upon, deep down?
Admit it, do you ever feel even a little ashamed when you find yourselves in a McDonalds queu or with your microwave dinner on show in your basket next to the Stepford wife's trolley load of fresh food waiting to magically evolve into a masterpiece of a meal?

What I mean is...do we believe deep down that what is quick is not so good, and that what takes pain and suffering is really the only way??
 Well, I do agree that we have become very impatient and our time appears to be under more and more demand, but is it the right kind of demand?
Is what you are so desperately chasing actually the best thing for you?

Sometimes a fast food dinner in this convenience world is not necessarily the best thing for you, but maybe at the time and place you where in, it was the best for that! In other words, why utilize the convenience for 'times' sake and then spend the rest of the day beating yourself up for it?
Do we actually stop to analyze our true priorities enough?

If you choose to sacrifice a healthy meal for times sake, does it then make sense to punish yourself for that choice? After all we made the choice consciously, didnt we? (Well, thats a WHOLE other blog! Haha...)

Anyway I digressed slightly, as my point is, I believe that we are all consequences of our actions, in-actions and what we are fed. We are tempted by clever advertisements, bombarding us with the lure of instant gratification but still, engrained deep in our subconscious we hear our ancestors voices whispering to us, 'in our days we had to walk barefoot to school..., bla, bla'...

So which is right?

When it comes to our brain and our thinking. Our habits and our beliefs. Are these something that can be changed in an instant or are they a product of our generations before us engrained in our genes?
If you want to change something about yourself, does this need to be a slow arduous task that takes a long time and even a lot more suffering to achieve?
Or can it be done in a split second, like the flick of a switch.
Take that for example, 'light'.
How did it come about?
Erickson worked long and hard to create the light bulb didnt he?
So am I contradicting myself then?
Well, he worked at it, but that was what he did. He WAS an inventor. He didn't have to work at being it. He was it. Most importantly he was in a good mind frame, and he didn't beat himself up about his decisions. He believed that every thing he did and all the work he was putting in was only moving him closer to his goal.
His philosophy was this.... 'I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.'

I believe this is so true. All of our achievements and exactly where you are right now, is a product of everything you do or do not do. Our decisions, our choices, our trials and errors (I prefer to call them learning curves), all our experiences lead us to the now.

So also do our thoughts. Every thought you have and the accumulation of these, has led you to what you are doing right now. like reading this. You chose to, right?
You can also choose to be happy, confident, succesfull, etc etc. It's only up to you.
Experience has shown that we can choose to change our ways and our thinking as quickly and easily as a light bulb. The time you have spent so far has been your practise, now is the moment of the light.

Still unsure it's possible?
Take note of your posture right now. How are you sitting? How does it feel?
Okay now, let me ask you...

Have you ever felt convinced of something, like you could not do it or would never do it only to be later proved wrong? Proved wrong by your own self talk and conviction?
A voice inside your head that said, 'I can't do that' and then did it. That voice is controlled by you.

How about turning the volume down right now on that voice, right down to zero.
Imagine that voice. Does it have a face, a certain tone to it? Is it someone you know?
Visualise pushing that voice way, way back, far far away and turning that volume down. While your at it, turn the dial for the color also, right down so that is fades to a black and white, soundless little mouth.

NOW imagine how you felt when you surprised even yourself and did something you never thought you would, but that felt soooo good when you did!
Imagine being there now, at this moment, feeling how good it felt. Hear the sounds around you, hear yourself congratulate yourself! Turn up the dial on the color and bring this image up close and all around you.
Immerse yourself in this wonderful feel good state.

Now how are you sitting? Any difference?

That's the power of your mind and the control you have to change in any moment how you feel.

It only takes a lifetime of experience and a moment to change it (-:

And this is that moment to go and switch on that light bulb, right now!

As Thomas Edison said, 'I never did a day's work in my life. It was all fun.'  

To your enlightenment,
Danielle x

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