Friday, 7 September 2012

How to find inspiration....

I am sure, we have all had the question asked of us ...

'If you had only had one year left on earth.... 
what would you do?'

I have heard many answers to this question, ranging from the adventurous, such as 'jumping out of a parachute' to 'spending time with the people you love.' All wonderful responses of course.

I am sure you too have pondered on this occasionally. If not, then now is a good time.   
There is no time like the present!

Often, this question is nicely finished off with a comment such as.. 
'live each day as though it was your last and someday you will be right.' 

(Breaker Morant - )

I too have thought about this many times and whenever I remember it, I remember to live by it.

It also helped me decide what I wanted to leave behind. What I wanted my message to be.
What is my inspiration for life and what I hoped would inspire others.

My inspiration turned out to be 'inspiring others'.

You too can find your inspiration.

Close your eyes and imagine what would you do, 
if you KNEW with a 100% conviction you could not fail??
If this is what gives you goose pimples and shivers down your spine, then this is it.
Visualize your dream already being reality.
Imagine yourself living that life and feeling all the wonderful emotions that brings.
Feel it as if it was happening right now.

This is your inspiration and what is about to come,
now go and do it!

Danielle Serpico
NLP Practitioner & Life Coach

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