Sunday, 16 September 2012

'How many spoonfulls of suffering would you like in your coffee today?'

If 'suffering' was like a spoon of sugar.....
how many would you choose to take today?

I am guessing most would 'say'...'None then thanks!',
but what they say and what they do turns out to be very different, right?........Right.
We say 'no thank you!' very adamantly indeed and then often follow it up by ladling heaped spoonful after spoonful of delicious 'suffering' onto our daily lives......

'Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.'

We have all experienced pain of some sort, whether it was physical or emotional.
It comes part and parcel with life and it's arrival is generally inevitable at some point or other.
At that moment, even though (most of us) actually know we will recover, the pain feels unbearable.

Emotional pain is impossible to quantify and what might seem trivial to one person can feel like the end of the world to another. The end of a summers romance for a young teenage girl can feel as heartbreaking as the end of a life long marriage for another.

Whatever the event the pain is there, and it hurts and feels very real.
You have been scarred.
What you now choose to do with that, is up to you.
This is where the choice comes in.

Here are some choices I made, that have helped me,
and I believe could help you when you choose to make them...

Accept and recognize the pain for what it is.
Okay so you are hurt. Breathe deeply and let it out.
Keeping that pain tight inside does not help you.
Sometimes, just recognizing it helps it melt away.

Make the decision to let it go and say it out loud.
It is a 'choice' and when you feel ready, choose to let it go.

Keep in the present moment.
Every time you find your mind drifting to the past and all the memory's,click yourself back into the now. It is not serving you to dwell on the past and to keep reliving and torturing yourself.
If you have to relive the past, think of times before the pain.
Remember times when you were strong, happy, enjoying things by yourself, etc.

Just take it moment by moment.
No more, no less.

Every time you feel yourself wandering towards the 'suffering' bowl,
take a deep breath, sit up tall and tell me about a time you were indestructible...
now, just think about that and keep going.....

Danielle x x x

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